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24 Demo Day CEEI Valencia 2014. Empresa Bioinicia

ceei valencia

As an awarded company on the 24th Demo Day, Bioinicia presented itself as a spin-off of the CSIC working on the development and production of both of equipment and new materials together with the provision of consulting services to universities, Research Centres and to the industry. Its products have got applications in many diverse areas such as filtration, plastic fibers, textiles, purification, packaging, nutrition, controlled release, implants…

The processing technology used is eStretching, which is based on electrohydrodynamics (EHDA).

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Our Clients say:

Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing.
Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.