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Fluidnatek LE 1000 is Bioinicia’s industrial manufacturing equipment. LE 1000’s can be configured to accommodate varying production needs. eStretching’s process stability and productivity ensures superior product quality at an attractive cost.

Selected specs and features:

  • Uninterrupted operation. Minimal downtime for changeovers and scheduled maintenance
  • Modular and expandable. Flexible design allows for easy customization for future volume requirements
  • In-line or off-line integration into existing production lines
  • Versatile -easily reconfigured to fit multiple product formats and requirements. Web widths of up to 3m
  • CE compliant (3rd party verified)

Selected optional accessories:

  • Safety features: Arc and smoke detection systems. Fire suppression system. Exhaust flow rate monitoring. Inert gas atmosphere
  • Can integrate with specialized solvent waste handling equipment (e.g. scrubber, catalytic converter, solvent reclaim)
  • Climate control
  • Laminar flow
  • Biological safety cabinet


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Our Clients say:

Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing.
Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.