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le100 500


Bioinicia’s customers install Fluidnatek LE 500 when they need pre-production volumes of production-quality materials, enabling them to carry out beta releases and other pre-market introduction activities.

The LE 500 can be also configured as an R&D tool. It uses the same core technology as, and scales linearly to, BioInicia’s full production equipment.

Selected specs and features:

  • BI eStretching injectors from small productivity (R&D mode) to high-throughput (production mode). Minimal dead volume
  • Two independent power supplies (bipolar capability)
  • Continuous web roll to roll material collection
  • Fluid delivered to heads from two big capacity vessel(s) at controlled rates
  • Touch screen controls
  • Remote Ethernet access
  • CE compliant (3rd party verified)
  • Safety shut-off switches in access doors
  • Efficient solvent exhaust system

Selected specs and features:

  • Dual phase (coaxial) ability
  • Jet visualization camera
  • Motioned collectors (drums, discs, mandrels)
  • Climate control
  • Laminar flow
  • Biological safety cabinet


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Our Clients say:

Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing.
Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.