Nanotechnology is not the future

it´s the present

Nanotechnology is the study, design, creation, synthesis, manipulation, and application of materials, devices and functional systems through the control of matter at the nanometer scale. When matter is manipulated at such a minuscule scale of atoms and molecules, it offers entirely new phenomena and properties that help to improve effectiveness in the fields in which it´s applied. This makes nanomaterials highly versatile so they can be applied to the most diverse branches of production and influence technological development in a revolutionary way.

Its applications in biomedicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile or food industry represent an unprecedented advance for health and well-being, as well as provide effective solutions to companies that need disruptive and innovative developments to enhance the effectiveness of their products and make them more functional, intelligent, advanced, light and sustainable.

Successful projects

You are also key in development

and sustainability

The commitment to the potential that these new disruptive technologies represent is already a guarantee of success, progress and innovation. Advanced developments in nanofiber and nanoparticle technology not only make new, more competitive and effective products possible but are also improving the existing ones, turning companies that rely on them into effective collaborators in technological progress. Definitely, your ideas are the engine of our developments and could be a fundamental step in the adaptation of biomedical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging or filter products to cutting-edge, clean, efficient and sustainable technology.

You believe in your project.

We make you believe in the process

Bioinicia is a Spin-off of the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Inventigaciones Científicas, of Spain) and a technology-based company. We work with the knowledge generated within the institution, with which we collaborate closely to channel that knowledge to real needs of people.

An important idea needs an important infrastructure and human potential. We know how important the difference is between the beginning (dream) to the end (manufacturing). That is why at Bioinicia we have 6,800 square meters of space to develop your project, a GMP-certified clean room with the ISO 13485 seal, the first in the world for fibers and a large R&D team made up of researchers, engineers and technicians of extensive experience in continuous training.

More than ten years of work show exceptional results that are a worldwide reference in the development of electrohydrodynamic and aerohydrodynamic processing technology, but above all we can understand what you need and how to carry it out.

We are with you from de Alpha to the Omega of your project.

At what stage is your idea?

I have an innovative idea and I don’t know if nanotechnology can help me.

I know nanotechnology is the answer to my problem but I don’t know how to do it.

I know nanotechnology is the solution I need and I want to implement it now.

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