Innovative technology for the encapsulation of active ingredients at room temperature

CAPSULTEK is a new technology based on electro-hydrodynamic atomisation (EHDA) that allows to microencapsulate and simultaneously dry active ingredients at room temperature.

In a single-step, overcoming the main drawbacks of current technologies, and allowing to produce functional foods with high concentrate of active ingredients from natural sources at 40% lower costs on average. Besides, we propose an innovative commercialisation scheme based on a contract manufacturing service to co-develop products with customers and validate them at industrial scale to ensure the product performance/cost leadership.

Based on the current TRL6, CAPSULTEK technology will be initially validated during the phase 2 for the omega-3 market, due to its high value and growth projections. After this stage, the production capacity will be increased and CAPSULTEK technology will be expanded to other bioactive products, thus, other markets.


Over the last decade foods have not been intended only to satisfy hunger and provide necessary nutrients. Consumers want to prevent nutrition-related diseases and improve physical and mental well-being. Today, consumers are looking for spreadable oils, milk, bread, biscuits and some dairy-based yogurt enriched with active ingredients. Functional foods – e.g. containing Omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics – have evolved into a huge market.

However, there are two CONSUMER NEEDS that are not satisfied:

Functional foods are expensive, and this is mainly due to the encapsulating technology used or the low concentration obtained which implies ingesting a high-quality product to achieve the desired healthy effect.

Consumers are interested in natural actives ingredients vs synthetic (e.g. Omega-3 from fish oil vs synthetic) but maintaining the palatability (agreeable to taste) is not easy because “natural” functional foods transfer off-flavours to the product, and as a consequence, foods need to have a short expiration date to prevent this issue.

Both consumers’ needs have prompted new requirements for the food industry that are not satisfactorily solved with the existing technologies.

The encapsulation technologies that the food industry looks for need to assure:

Encapsulation Technologies

The improvement in the quality functional
products that incorporate natural ingredients.


To be able to work with higher concentrations of functional ingredients and higher dosages.


To increase the shelf life of the functional food,
and to assure protection from the stomach’s acidity.

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