Electrospinning for biomedical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products

Bioinicia is the electrospinning company with great expertise in the real key-core: “the process”. We are the partner that you need to take further steps.

Although Bioinicia as specialist electrospinning company has worked in many different applications and fields where electrospinning and electrospraying are extremely valuable through generating nanofiber-based meshes or coatings as well as for encapsulation of thermo-sensitive materials (i.e. filtration and separation, fuel cells, functional textiles, agrochemical…), developing and manufacturing products for customers all around the world, our strongest expertise is focused on fields of pharmaceutical (drug delivery), biomedical, cosmetics and food-nutraceuticals.

Bioinicia is world’s first electrospinning company awarded with GMP certification to its electrospinning facilities for manufacturing pharmaceutical products (drug delivery systems, APIs protection & stabilization, modification of cristallinity grade on APIs…). We have a strong expertise in developing:

  • Controlled drug/active delivery platforms.
  • Functional coatings.
  • Scaffolds and wound dressing.
  • Encapsulation of DHA, oils and natural essences.
  • Encapsulation of probiotics.
  • Encapsulation of actives, APIs and bioactives.


Biomedical applications of electrospun fiber has been widely researched, owing in many cases to the similarity in structure between electrospun materials and that of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) within the tissues of our bodies.


There are applications of electruspun fibers and electrospraying. One of the main uses for these technologies in this field is for the encapsulation and controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Encapsulation: Food & Nutraceuticals

There are many food additives with proven health benefits, but which are highly susceptible to degradation e.g. by oxidation, loosing their bioactivity before they can be consumed.

Encapsulation: Cosmetics

As with functional foods, many cosmetic products contain ingredients, which are sensitive to degradation. Encapsulation of such ingredients into fibers or particles protects their bioactivity.

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Fluidnatek® is the brandname of electrospinning & electrospraying equipment designed  by Bioinicia. We have a full range of electrospinning machines to cover all needs at your lab for research  activities and even for pre-industrial purposes (for industrial production equipment please go to the Process Engineering section).


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