As with functional foods, many cosmetic products contain ingredients, which are sensitive to degradation, e.g. antioxidants. Encapsulation of such ingredients into fibers or particles protects their bioactivity. In addition to improving product shelf-life, encapsulation of some ingredients facilitates their incorporation into a formula e.g. dispersion of a hydrophobic bioactive into an aqueous formulation can be made possible by the encapsulation of the ingredient into the appropriate material. Additionally, the electrospinning of non-woven fiber mats containing bioactive compounds provides an alternative application route – rather than rubbing in a cream, which contains the bioactive as well as numerous stabilizers, emulsifiers etc. a water-soluble fiber patch can be applied to wet skin (like a face mask) and the bioactive ingredients are immediately released, due to the small fiber diameter and large surface area of electrospun material, and absorbed into the skin without the need for any additional ingredients.

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