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With more than a 100 years of cumulated experience, Bioinicia is the first company to have overcome the upscaling issues related to the electrohydrodynamic-spinning and -spraying technology with a large-scale, pharma-grade GMP and ISO certified plant and a strong IP position around it. Therefore, we have reached a unique positioning in the pharmaceutical industry, being the only company fully capable of developing and producing drugs with optimized performance (maximized potency and minimized side effects) of any given API.

We use…

Sub-micronized particles and fibers

True encapsulation

Nano-in-micro particles

Multi-layered core-shell structures

Non-woven mesh

to create…

Powder or granules for oral (tablets, capsules, sachets), parenteral, nasal, pulmonar, ophtalmic, vaginal & topical applications

Patches for transdermal, mucosal, buccal & sublingual applications

Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) and Oral Thin Films (OTF)

Pharma & Biomedical devices pipeline

Key features


Large-scale, continuous ISO & GMP-certified production for pharma

Use any solvent, excipient or API (even live cells) à solutions, suspensions, emulsions

No stress applied to the API à highest product stability & quality

Dry product in single-step

Minimal moisture content and excellent processability of final product

High reproduciblity & dose uniformity

Maximize potency

Increase API dissolution

Reach highest possible bioavailability à maximum reduction of drug strength while maintaining bioequivalence

Optimize administration route & release profile à e.g. faster onset, controlled release

No degradation, but increased API stability

Narrow and controllable particle size distribution (50 nm – 10 µm)

Highly controlled polymorphism/ crystallinity

Minify side effects

Related to gastrointestinal interactions


Challenging release profile/ therapeutic range

We offer a holistic solution from the product idea to its commercialization.

Product development

Close R&D partnership and collaboration with our experienced team


In-house production
GMP/ISO13485 certified


Dedicated factory on behalf of customer Tech transfer & out-licensing

Bioinicia can…

Maximize a drug‘s bioavailability by increasing its dissolution capacity and permeability 

Optimize a drug‘s release profile, maximizing the drug‘s potency
while minimizing potential side effects.

Product Innovation

Pharmaceuticals developed on our platform = Supergeneric

If originator‘s data is available, a drug developed and produced on our platform can, in most cases, be registered via the 505(b)(2) or hybrid application path (FDA, EMA). This allows for a branded drug to be brought to the market fast and cheap. There are cases in which market authorization of such drugs was granted in as much as a year, while the new drug is granted exclusivity for up to 5 years.

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