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PROVEIL® is a new filtration media developed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Bioinicia, leaders in the field of nanofibers for health and medical applications.

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At the outbreak of the pandemic, healthcare workers suffered from the lack of supply of critical protective equipment.

To answer this demand, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Bioinicia dedicated its resources to the development of a respiratory mask filter that would protect key workers from the virus, and pivoted its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to produce PROVEIL® for supply to mask manufacturers throughout Europe.

Most face masks used today are based on meltblown polypropylene fibers, sandwiched between spunbond nonwoven layers. Their effectiveness at filtering small airborne particles relies on electrostatic surface charges, which attract and capture these particles from the air as it passes through the filter. This electrostatic filtering effect only works when the mask is dry and quickly wears off during use, as humidity in the breath eliminates the electrostatic charge. It is for this reason that spunbond/meltblown/spunbond (SMS) filters are not suitable for continuous wear and should be discarded and replaced frequently.

PROVEIL® is different. An extremely thin layer of nanofibers, with diameters more than ten times smaller than conventional meltblown fibers, provides highly effective mechanical filtration for small airborne particles with very little reduction in efficiency over time. The larger surface area and smaller pore size within the PROVEIL® filter maximizes the likelihood of the particles being stopped by the fibers without relying on electrostatic attraction. This means that PROVEIL® filter performance is maintained over time.


Image 1: Electrospun nanofiber filtration media on conventional non-woven

Image 1: Electrospun nanofiber filtration media on conventional non-woven

Key properties of PROVEIL® filter:

  • Nanofiber filtration media made in Spain.
  • Pore size more than 10 times smaller than conventional materials provides mechanical filtration without reliance on electrostatics.
  • Filter performance is maintained over time or when exposed to humidity.
  • PROVEIL® is extremely thin and lightweight and yet effectively captures respirable airborne particles including viruses whilst maintaining good breathability.
  • Ready-to-use sandwich of spunbond/nanofiber/spunbond, replacing meltblown layers.

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