10 Reasons to choose Bioinicia

Experts in electrospinning process

We are experts in electrospinning process, in materials and in engineering/technology. And we have demonstrated it. The perfect combination for success!

Awarded with GMP certification

Bioinicia has been world’s first company awarded with GMP certification for electrospinning facilities to manufacture electrospun pharma products. You can leverage the expertise of the leader!

Best service support

At Bioinicia we provide the best service support to our customers: service plans, warranty extensions, spare-parts availability…

Optimal design for excellent control over process:

      • Precise feed control.
      • Robust climate control systems for regulation of temperature and relative humidity. Proven systems supplied all around the world.
      • Metrology systems to control uniformity of deposition in multiple points and in real-time.
      • Process stability.
      • Maximum safety.

Be always one step ahead with Bioinicia!

Highly flexible approach for our equipment

Highly flexible approach for our Fluidnatek® electrospinning-electrospraying equipment:

      • Willing to offer customizations meeting specific user requirements.
      • Full range of standard platforms (scalable from “lab to fab”).
      • Wide range of standardized options (items, functionalities…) for existing platforms.
      • Plug-and-play options, easily field upgradeable.

Special equipment for medical applications

Special Fluidnatek® electrospinning-electrospraying equipment for medical applications

      • Aseptic conditions: to achieve sterile products/processing. Including elimination of biological materials, endotoxins, etc.
      • Dynamically regulated active exhaust system in the chamber.
      • Stainless steel chamber ISO 5 certified. Ultra-clean electrospinning.
      • Easy clean up: glass and steel/aluminium surfaces.
      • IQ/OQ/PQ services.

High reliability and performance

The most demanding customers have chosen Bioinicia and our Fluidnatek® electrospinning-electrospraying equipment.

Much more than just an espinning equipment manufacturer

Bioinicia is much more than just an electrospinning-electrospraying equipment manufacturer: leverage our expertise for development of your micro and nano-structured products, let us to advice you at a process level, use our resources and expertise for manufacturing your products if needed, take profit of our unique electrospinning technology, take profit of our unique encapsulation process…

For industrial R&D and manufacturing environments

Fluidnatek® electrospinning-electrospraying equipment is designed by the materials experts at Bioinicia and used in industrial R&D and manufacturing environments.

Trade-up option

Trade-up option: our customers can start with any Fluidnatek® electrospinning-electrospraying platform and then “trade-up” to larger equipment at any time during the first three years of ownership.

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