Protection and control are key to efficiency

Innovative technology for the drying, nanonization and encapsulation of bioactives at room temperature.

CAPSULTEK, applied to nutraceuticals, is a new disruptive patented technology based on electro-hydrodynamic atomisation (EHDA) that allows to dry and simultaneously microencapsulate bioactive ingredients at room temperature.

Single-step and at room temperature process, overcoming the main drawbacks of traditional and emerging technologies, allows to produce innovative thermally labile functional foods and also safe to handle nanonized bioactives at high concentrations and lower cost. We offer contract development and manufacturing services enabling the formulation of challenging products for our customers.





  • Single step drying & microencapsulation at room temperature
  • Patent-protected process and technology
  • Technology market validation with omega-3 oils encapsulation
  • Scaled-up at our production premises
  • Process certification
  • Paving the way for market launching and future expansion to other bioactive products and APIs

Global market for omega-3 EPA/DHA

Over the last decade, foods have not been intended only to satisfy hunger and provide necessary nutrients. Consumers demand the prevention of nutrition-related diseases and improved physical and mental well-being. Today, consumers are looking for spreadable oils, milk, bread, biscuits and some dairy-based yogurt enriched with active ingredients. Functional foods – e.g. containing Omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics – have evolved into a huge market. These bioactives are often thermally labile, unstable during processing and shelf-life and require specific targeted delivery in the GI.


Bioactive compound

The improvement in the quality of functional products that incorporate natural ingredients.

To be able to work with higher concentrations of functional ingredients.

To increase the shelf-life of the functional food and to assure protection from the stomach´s acidity.

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