Electrospinning & Electrospraying services

eSpinning equipment

Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® equipment range provides the finest quality machines for all of your electrospinning and electrospraying needs.

Contract development

Explore how Bioinicia can help you develop or enhance your products using micro- or nanofibers, particles and encapsulation.

Contract Manufacturing

Outsourced manufacturing of micro & nanofibers and particles at industrial scale. Specializing in pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals.

Process engineering

We develope engineering plans, process design and turnkey, tailor-made projects for industrial electrospinning & electrospraying plants.

Experts in Electro-Hydro Dynamic Processing


Bioinicia is an engineering company dedicated to the development and manufacture of nano and microstructured materials by electro-hydro dynamic processes (electrospinning & electrospraying) for our customers, and providing premium quality electrospinning equipment for laboratory to industrial-scale processing.
Using our expertise in EHD process from laboratory research to industrial manufacture, we can assist you in developing your next generation of products from concept to market. Our goal is not be just your provider, but be your partner for product development, electrospinning-electrospraying technology and industrial manufacturing.

Don’t resign yourself and have the best electrospinning machine at your lab. Leverage our expertise and use the most advanced electrospinning equipment for scaling up your lab developments. Rely on Bioinicia. Rely on the world’s leading company in Electro-Hydro Dynamic Processing.

In-house industrial facilities



Bioinicia has scaled up the processes of electrospinning and electrospraying, developing our own industrial technology:

1. In-house industrial electrospinning facility for fiber-based mats: GMP (pharma) and ISO 13485 (medical devices) certified. Clean-rooms (ISO 7 Class D).

2. In-house industrial microencapsulation facility for encapsulation of functional ingredients, bioactives, and natural extracts. Fully scalable process.

Fiber-based membranes & Functional coatings

Nanofibers and microfibers can be produced in the form of non-woven membranes or coatings for functionalizing surfaces, materials or devices. Bioinica’s experienced team can assist you at any stage of your development.



Effective protection and delivery of bioactives and functional ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications requires a scalable process that efficiently encapsulates the active ingredients without degrading their performance and allows for their release in a controlled and targeted manner. Bioinicia has evolved their room-temperature process to enable large volumes of active ingredients to be encapsulated for a wide range of applications in the form of powders or fibers.


Sheffield University
“Excellent support and equipment. The customised Fluidnatek equipment was delivered promptly to our lab. Our requirements were met and their services went beyond our high expectations”.

– Chris Sammon

“At Rescoll a wide range of novel technologies in the aerospace, medical devices and even pharmaceutical fields have seen the day since our collaboration with Bioinicia started. This collaboration was not limited to simple supplier/customer but as a real industrial and scientific partnership”.

– Konstantin Sipos

“Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing”.

– Alberto Rinaldi

Bioinicia at a glance

Every Fluidnatek® electrospinning machine made at Bioinicia is top quality: from materials to design, from safety systems to engineering solutions, from advanced features to process performance and regulations compliance. Everything is thought to reach the highest standards.

Furthermore, we can adapt your Fluidnatek® electrospinning machine and customize it to meet your particular requirements. Bioinicia’s experimented Engineering Department is flexible and able to design special tailor-made electrospinning equipment. Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) for our electrospinning equipment can be also provided if required.

Ask the best to your electrospinning machine… Ask Fluidnatek!

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