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Optimize any drug‘s performance

With more than a 100 years of cumulated experience, Bioinicia is the first company to have overcome the upscaling issues related to the electrohydrodynamic-spinning and -spraying technology with a large-scale, pharma-grade GMP and ISO certified plant and a strong IP position around it.

Electrospinning-Electrospraying Equipment

Bioinicia is an engineering company dedicated to the development and manufacture of nano and microstructured materials by electro-hydro dynamic processes (electrospinning & electrospraying) for our customers, and providing premium quality equipment for laboratory to industrial-scale processing.

Innovative applications

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Immobilization of live cells
  • Flavor and fragrance masking
  • Functional foods
  • Food packaging
  • Biomedical & tissue engineering
  • Cosmetics
  • Drug delivery
  • Micro & nano encapsulation
  • Catalysis
  • Energy storage
  • Functional textiles
  • Phase change materials
  • Filtration and separation
  • Affinity membranes
  • Composites and nanocomposites
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