BIOINICIA is a company engaged in the manufacture of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics, materials such as filters to make masks, encapsulation of ingredients for functional foods and other products, and manufacturing and commercialization of equipment using electrohydrodynamic technology.

BIOINICIA Management and the rest of the organisation undertake with this document to deliver on the following general objectives:

Increase customer satisfaction (needs and expectations) through effective implementation of the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System (PQMS).
Continuously improve the PQMS and its processes.
Provide the resources to continuously maintain and improve PQMS effectiveness.
Improve supplier and subcontractor relations (communication) to gradually reduce delivery incidents and nonconformities and increase their recognition.
Step up productivity across product manufacturing and reduce shrinkage.
Lower costs stemming from customer complaints, claims and returns.
Ensure the requirements that guarantee food innocuousness in its processes and manufactured products.
BIOINICIA Management also aims to comply with the obligations to manufacture safe and legal products, and take responsibility with regards to customers in this area. The company undertakes to comply with product requirements (including safety, quality, legality and product specifications and preparation) and GMPs by participating in management reviews and meeting all the legal requirements the company has signed up to around proper environmental management.

BIOINICIA Management undertakes to comply with all matters connected with:

Customer focus.
Environmental responsibility and sustainability, including environmental protection, pollution prevention and other pertinent specific commitments.
Ethical and labour responsibility.
Quality and food safety culture for the company’s employees.
To this end, the company must focus on:

Improving coordination between departments (internal communication).
Collecting customer specifications and requirements, as well as product claims (external communication).
Improving staff training and coaching.
Ensuring the quality and safety levels offered, along with packaged product reliability.
All this with the ultimate aim of improving its customer service, consolidating its market position and ensuring improved cost-effectiveness.

In short, BIOINICIA Management must seek continuous improvement by setting quality and safety objectives and review them on an ongoing basis within the framework established herein.

The heads of the different departments recognise the authority of the Quality Manager expressly delegated by Management in regards the Quality and Safety Policy. They further undertake to promote the quality and safety guidelines and objectives established by Management among their department personnel.


Edition: 5

Date: 23/01/2024

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