Quality Policy

BIOINICIA is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of medicines, medical devices, materials and equipment using electrohydrodynamic technology.

The management of BIOINICIA, and the rest of the organization, undertake with this document to carry out the following general objectives:

  • Increase the customer satisfaction (needs and expectations) through the effective application of the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System.
  • Continuously improvement of the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System and its processes.
  • Provide the necessary resources to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System.
  • Improve relationship and communication with suppliers and subcontractors in order to reduce the incidents in deliveries and the nonconformities related to these suppliers and, in short, increase their valuation.
  • Increase the productivity in product manufacturing processes and reduce the waste.
  • Reduce the costs of complaints, claims and customer returns.

Likewise, the management of BIOINICIA intends to comply with the obligations to manufacture safe and legal products, being responsible with the customers. BIOINICIA undertakes to comply with the product requirements (including safety, quality, regulatory, product and process specifications) and compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by participating in the management review.

In addition, the management of BIOINICIA undertakes to comply with all aims according to:

  • Customer focus.
  • Environmental and sustainability responsibility.
  • Hygiene.
  • Ethical and labour responsibility.

To this end, the company must strive to:

  • Improve coordination between departments of the company (internal communication).
  • Improve training of employees.
  • Ensure the level of quality and safety of the services offered.

All this with the final objective of improving the service to the customers, consolidating the company’s position into the market and ensuring the improvement of profitability.

In summary, the management of BIOINICIA should seek the continuous improvement through the setting of quality and safety objectives and its continuous revision within the framework established by this document.

The managers of the company´s departments recognize the authority that Quality Manager has in the Quality Policy, by express delegation of the Management. Likewise, they undertake to disseminate the guidelines and objectives that in terms of quality and safety formulates the Management of the company among the personnel of their department.

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