About the company

Bioinicia is a company with R&D and production expertise in both electrospinning and electrospraying processes. Scientists, engineers, project managers and manufacturing operators all working towards a common goal: to support our partners at all stages of their development.

We have a wide range of experience in developing micro or nanofiber-based membranes and coatings (electrospinning), and in encapsulation of functional ingredients, bioactives, natural extracts and biological materials (electrospraying).

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Our expertise

We have developed micro/nanostructured products for a wide variety of applications including: filtration, agrochemicals, functional materials, textiles, fuel cells, etc… although the focus of Bionicia’s expertise are in the fields of: pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and encapsulation of food-nutraceuticals.

The electrospinning company Bioinicia’s state-of-the art industrial manufacturing facilities for electrospinning and drying-encapsulation have been designed in-house to the highest standards to enable reliable and consistent production for our customers.

Our mission is to contribute to new materials, R&D and technological innovation by making available to our partners and customers high-quality equipment, products and professional services addressed to their specific needs while creating value for Bioinicia and for society as a whole.

What we do

Capitalise on our knowledge and experience with our three categories of activity:

Bioinicia Fluidnatek
Supply of electrospinning – electrospraying equipment

The finest range of premium-quality machines. From a basic benchtop lab machine or advanced research stations, to a pilot-production plant for scaling up and manufacturing of small batches.

Bioinicia lab
Development of materials and products using electrospinning / electrospraying:

Through our contract research services we can design and develop your products from an initial concept, or scale-up your existing materials to meet your requirements.

Bioinicia multinozzle
Outsourced manufacturing of electrospun / electrosprayed materials

Through our contract manufacturing services we can produce large volumes of material for you, using our in-house industrial manufacturing facilities for either fiber of particle-based products.

Our expertise

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Our clients

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Jobs & Carreers in Bioinicia

Working with us offers a unique opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in international cultural relations. Here engineers, technicians, customer service teams and people work together with the same target. Always looking for talented people, we can offer you plenty of variety and development, as well as the chance to get involved with projects unique to our electrospinning company Bioinicia. If you are looking for a career that will always inspire, develop and challenge you – you’ll love being part of our team.

You will be part of a modern, rapidly changing organization with worldwide vision. Our jobs offer you a scope for versatility, initiative and creativity in a stimulating and supportive environment. You will be encouraged to pursue your personal and professional development.

For many entry-level positions, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biotechnology, physics or engineering is acceptable. Those working in more technical and scientific environments may need a more technically-oriented degree such as machine designs or nanomaterials. Also, a background in business administration may be preferable for those seeking a management or business related career at Bioinicia.

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