Mar 5, 2015

Prof. Jose M. Lagaron is participating in the 11th Industry Workshop on Microencapsualtion: Fundamentals & State-of-the-Art Processing & Application Technologies.

Technology reviews, product tasting and several case studies are part of the agenda of the day under the umbrella of Bioactives World Forum. In particular, Prof. Jose M. Lagaron’s speech is focused on the applications of electrospraying technology for encapsulating bioactives without applying temperature.

Bioinicia’s propietary injectors use this technology and are able to produce several types of multiphase structures, which are are of great interest for controlled release and protection of bioactives. Bioinicia’s engineering brand, Fluidnatek®, provides state-of-the-art equipment and it has already demonstrated its effectiveness in this processing technique worldwide.

The event will take place at Cologne (Germany) next March 23rd. This international meeting belongs to the Practical Microencapsulation Europe 2015 Program.

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