Bioinicia has reached an agreement to install its PROVEIL® nanofibre filters developed jointly with the CSIC in the air purification systems of the Spanish company Zonair3D

May 18, 2021



  • Through the technology of the PROVEIL® nanofibre filters, the units will not only purify the air, but also retain and inactivate the virus.
  • This new air purification system with PROVEIL® nanofibre filters will be marketed worldwide, and can be purchased by any business or individual.
  • This product is here to stay. Air quality is an essential asset for life, regardless of whether or not there is a risk of infection during a pandemic. The purpose of combining PROVEIL® technology with the Zonair3D filters is to ensure the cleanest, purest air possible in indoor spaces, such as homes, businesses, or means of transport.



Bioinicia has reached a partnership agreement with the Spanish company Zonair3D, which develops air purification systems, to install PROVEIL® nanofibre filter technology in its products.

José María Lagarón, CSIC researcher and head of the group of researchers that developed the PROVEIL® nanofibre filter along with Bioinicia, stated that Bioinicia is participating in the project, adapting the ultra-high-purification air filters that they already use and supplementing them “with our nanofibres that are capable of inactivating the virus, so that the units will not only clean the air, but will also retain and inactivate the virus in the filter inside the unit.”

This is a strategic agreement that combines the nanofibre technology of PROVEIL® filters with indoor air cleaning, offering people full protection. “People will be able to travel on trains, for example, or be in meetings, and they will be able to enjoy very good air quality. They will also be protected by wearing this same technology in the filter of our masks,” said Lagarón.

Xavier Trillo, Managing Director of Zonair3D, indicated his satisfaction in the adaptation of the PROVEIL® nanofibre filters to its filters and technology. “We are very excited, and are offering the utmost guarantee of air purification. Obviously, this gives the company’s technology and R&D a significant edge.”


A product that is here to stay.

These new air purification systems with PROVEIL® nanofibre filters will be marketed worldwide, and can be purchased by any business or individual.

The main goal of this new product is to provide the cleanest, purest air possible thanks to the filtration of all particles and the elimination of all bacteria and viruses. This is why this product is here to stay, because everyone deserves the highest quality air, regardless as to whether or not there is a pandemic. “The idea is not only to limit ourselves to SARS-COV2, the virus that is currently generating this pandemic, but in the future to have the cleanest air possible indoors,” says Lagarón.


“When we started working on this project our aim was to tackle pollution, not deal with a pandemic. Pollution is made up of particles and gases, which is why it is very important to have extremely high quality air in the indoor spaces where we spend 80 and 90% of our time. We deserve to breathe fresh air.” said Trillo.


Bioinicia Proveil ZonaAir3D contract


PROVEIL® Masks with Viricide Properties

PROVEIL® masks with viricide properties as well as antimicrobial properties, protect from bacteria and viruses. This marks progress and offers added value to the mask sector, thanks to the effectiveness of the viricide properties of its filter. Studies have shown that a good viricide in a mask works more efficiently inside the mask, in the filter, which is where infectious aerosols are trapped. This is why Bioinicia decided to incorporate the viricide component into the filter, a completely harmless compound that is integrated into the material rather than being used as a coating. The technology behind the PROVEIL® masks and filters does not use graphene in its nanofibres, and the materials used have been tested and meet all safety guarantees stipulated by government agencies.

Proveil Bioinicia Spray


PROVEIL® masks with nanofibre filter developed by CSIC and Bioinicia provide greater protection than the other more common models, thanks to the impenetrable barrier between the virus and the person. The pore size of the PROVEIL nanofibre filters can be as small as the size of the virus. These masks contain a solid, pharmaceutical-grade viricide, which works by contact inside the filter, at the core, inside the mask, right where the virus is retained.




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