Bioinicia participated in the Rethinking Agriculture Conference

Jun 22, 2017

Electrospraying for encapsulationLast 25th May it took place in Madrid the Conference Rethinking Agriculture organized by the Embassy of Holland in Spain.

Bioinicia was one of the companies invited to act as speaker in one of the round tables of this event.

The aim of the conference was to remark the importance of agriculture and the food industry in two countries as Holland and Spain where these sectors are very strong and important for their economies. And particularly, to highlight the role of technology as a key factor to develop such sectors and make them more competitive. Indeed, the conference was specially addressed to innovative start-ups rather than consolidated companies, although the audience came from different type of companies in terms of size, innovation and niches within the agrotech field.

Several topics were discussed at the conference, from the main challenges of food during the next 30 years to the role of technology in solving such challenges, including the expected super-population in the world by 2050.

Apart from participating actively in the discussion of some of those topics, Bioinicia talked about electro-hydrodynamics techniques and how micro and nano encapsulation at room temperature of many different ingredients can be done; for example, the so well-known Omega 3 encapsulation, or even probiotics encapsulation. These are two interesting cases since both materials are more and more used every time in functional food and nutraceuticals. The experience of Bioinicia with encapsulation of these and other materials resulted of great interest for the audience.

It was clear that electrospinning and electrospraying are methods with quite a few applications in technology of food, which are destined to replace in some cases other alternative methods such as lyofilization because of the benefits on encapsulation, including a better and more sustainable energetic balance.

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