Electrospinning for gum tissue regeneration

Oct 31, 2018

The gum or gingiva is the mucosal soft tissue that covers the alveolar bone of the mandible and maxilla within the mouth and surrounds the base of the teeth, providing a seal to protect the tooth roots and periodontal ligaments.

Gums can easily become inflamed and are susceptible to a variety of common problems such as gum disease, which is caused by bacteria and can lead to the breakdown of bone and tooth ligaments; gum recession, which exposes the tooth roots leading to dental sensitivity; and other inflammatory diseases which can cause damage or loss of the mucosal tissue.

Where bone or gum tissue is lost, one treatment option is to try to regenerate the bone and gum tissue with the aid of bone grafts, tissue scaffolds and/or membranes. Many techniques and materials are being investigated, including electrospinning for gum tissue regeneration.

RIVELIN_PATCHElectrospinning is a versatile and cost-efficient technique to create nano and micro-scale fibrous materials that effectively mimic the natural extracellular microenvironment and can therefore be used to support cell growth in application areas such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Therefore, electrospinning for gum tissue regeneration and for oral mucosa treatments is currently being investigated to give a proper solution to these diseases.

One such application of electrospun material in periodontal bone and gum regeneration is as a separation membrane to prevent the faster-growing soft tissue from penetrating into the implanted bone graft material, where the newly regenerated bone should form.

Electrospun materials are also well suited to wound healing applications, where their micro-porous structure provides an effective barrier, protecting the wound from bacterial infection as well as relieving pain. Their high surface-area and ability to confirm to the wound surface allows for highly efficient and localised delivery of drugs, antimicrobial or other active ingredients. Diseases affecting the mucosal tissue of the gums and mouth are typically treated with gels, sprays, creams, mouthwashes or ointments that contain the appropriate active pharmaceutical ingredient. Despite the fact that all of these formats are applied topically into the mouth, the release of active ingredients is not effectively localised to the wound area. There is therefore a need to create a new delivery system capable of controlling the release of an appropriate dose of drug to the affected oral area.

rivelin-patch-1For this reason, Danish biopharmaceutical company Affix (formerly, Dermtreat A/S), with support from scientists from the University of Sheffield’s School of Clinical Dentistry and Bioinicia, have developed an electrospun oral patch that is able to temporarily adhere to the oral mucosa and release an active pharmaceutical ingredient directly to the oral lesion, whilst also providing a protective barrier surrounding the wounded area, preventing release of the drug into the saliva as well as relieving pain. This Rivelin® patch is manufactured by Bioinicia at its industrial-scale production facilities (located in Valencia, Spain), which have achieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approval for the production of nanofiber-based drug delivery products. The Rivelin® patch is a breakthrough therapy for the treatment of oral mucosal diseases, such as oral lichen planus, and advances the subject of electrospinning for oral tissue regeneration.

Electrospinning has been demonstrated to have great potential in the biomedical field and the potential of electrospinning for gum tissue regeneration is extremely promising, for example, in application areas such as guided tissue regeneration membranes and wound treatment patches.

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