Bioinicia LE-500 electrospinning machine

Electrospinning machine Specifications: What to consider when selecting your equipment configuration

Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® range of electrospinning and electrospraying equipment has been designed to fulfil all of your electrospinning or electrospraying requirements, from lab-scale proof-of-concept studies and materials development to commercial production.


Each piece of equipment is made to order and tailored to your specific requirements from a wide range of optional features. Bioinicia is always on hand to assist you in configuring your electrospinning machine specifications to best suit your application and budget.  Some of the key features that may be of interest to you are described below, but do get in touch with us to discuss your required electrospinning machine specifications. Our experienced team of engineers are available to custom-design any non-standard features that you may need.

  • Secondary liquid feed with coaxial spinning head allows for the fabrication of core-shell structures (fibers or particles) consisting of two different materials.
  • Secondary spinning stage within independent HV power supply for simultaneous electrospinning or electrospraying of two solutions onto a rotating collector.
  • Negative high-voltage power supply for the collector improves fiber or particle collection efficiency, reducing the likelihood of deposition onto surrounding surfaces, and increase electrostatic field strength – particularly important to include in your electrospinning machine specifications when working with multi-emitter spinning heads.
  • Universal rotating collector platform allows for quick and easy exchange of any rotating collector geometry. Standard collectors that you might want to consider in your electrospinning machine specifications include large diameter drums – for creating uniform random or aligned fiber sheets, small diameter mandrels for producing tubular structures and sharp-edged disks for collecting aligned fiber bundles. Let us know if you need any other types of collector geometry.
  • Multi-emitter spinning heads for increased productivity. Fluidnatek® equipment can be provided with multi-needle spinning heads for single-phase or coaxial electrospinning. Capillaries can be easily exchanged, allowing for a wide range of needle sizes to be used.
  • Actively regulated exhaust system effectively prevents the build-up of solvent vapour in the chamber and allows for a slight pressure differential between the chamber and the surroundings for optimum operator safety and suitability for cleanroom installation. Safety should be a key consideration when defining your electrospinning machine specifications.
  • Air conditioning unit for accurate control of chamber temperature and relative humidity (%RH). The Fluidnatek® climate conditioning systems are free-standing units that condition the air before it enters the electrospinning chamber, allowing effective control of chamber conditions at the same time as the actively regulated exhaust system continuously extracts the solvent vapour to maintain stable spinning conditions. Controlling temperature and %RH is crucial to ensuring stable processing and reproducible results.
  • Deposition thickness metrology system for providing accurate, real-time deposition thickness data. This system will be designed according to your specific measurement needs.
  • Solvent-gas jacket for reducing the risk of drying at the emitter tips when working solutions containing with highly volatile solvents and therefore improving process stability.
  • Programmable sequential multi-step recipe function allows the user to create automated routines, with the control of any of the machine parameters as a function of time. Programs can be created, saved and loaded via the touch-screen control panel.
  • Taylor cone visualisation system allows close monitoring of the Taylor cone and spinning jet, helping you to optimize process parameters for stable spinning conditions.

Whatever your required electrospinning machine specifications, there is a Fluidnatek® electrospinning machine to suit.

About Bioinicia

Bioinicia are specialists in the electrospinning and electrospraying processes, and world-leading providers of premium-quality climate-controlled electrospinning and electrospraying equipment.  We are your ideal partner for electrospinning equipment, development of nano and micro structured materials, scale-up and manufacturing services. Simply leverage our expertise in the electrospinning and electrospraying processes, from laboratory research to industrial manufacture, and advance the development of your future generation of products to the next level.

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