PROVEIL® First Story

Jun 29, 2020

How fitting! Bioinicia is based in the city of Valencia, famous for the annual celebration of FALLAS. Many Valencianos work all year on their city quarter’s design of a supersized papier-mâché figure. This year FALLAS coincided with the outbreak of COVID-19.


To protect their figure, some crafty Valencianos quickly mounted a respiratory breathing mask. At Bioinicia we took the hint and applied Bioinicia’s ability to manufacture nano-structured materials to the cause of making badly needed filter media for high-end respiratory masks. In just a few weeks, Bioinicia pivoted its manufacturing plant from making pharmaceuticals to making highly efficient filter media based on a proprietary nanofiber layer. Tiny aerosol droplets carrying the SARS-2 virus deeply into our lungs have been identified as the most important pathway for spreading the disease. A thin layer of Bioinicia’s nanofibers reliably eliminates the smallest aerosol droplets from the breathing air. Bioinicia today supplies mask makers in Spain and the rest of Europe with its nanofiber-based PROVEIL® filter media.

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