Bioinicia at the 2019 EU-China Symposium on Electrospinning in Drug Delivery

Sep 23, 2019

Bioinicia was grateful to be invited to give a talk at the 2019 EU-China Symposium on Electrospinning in Drug Delivery in August this year, organised by Dr Gareth Williams, from UCL School of Pharmacy. The programme of talks by academics from Europe and China (including Bioinicia’s founder Prof. Jose Maria Lagaron, from IATA-CSIC in Valencia, Prof. Xuimei Mo, from Donghua University in Shanghai, and Dr. Zsombor Nagy, from Budapest University of Technology and Economics), as well as some industry representatives, including Dr. Thomas Hayes, Bioinicia’s product and technology specialist, demonstrated the real potential for electrospinning and electrospraying as a method to overcome existing challenges in the area of drug delivery.

One such challenge is the poor bioavailability of many active pharmaceutical ingredients, which often result in the need for higher dosages and lead to worse side-affects, higher costs and environmental damage. Electrospinning and electrospraying  increases the bioavailability of a drug, by increasing its dissolution rate and permeability, allowing for a higher proportion of the administered drug to be absorbed in the body and thereby achieving the same level of therapeutic affect with a lower dosage. With appropriate selection of materials, the same processes can be used to effectively encapsulate a drug into a fibre or particle based product to achieve a controlled or sustained release profile.


Dr. Thomas Hayes, Bioinicia’s product and technology specialist, speaking on the high potential of electrospinning and electrospraying.

Bioinicia are specialists in electrospinning and electrospraying and the world’s first company to have successfully scaled up these processes for the GMP-certified manufacture of drug loaded fibres and particles for clinical use. Bioinicia also develop premium-quality climate-controlled laboratory electrospinning equipment and were please to showcase the Fluidnatek® LE-50 advanced bench-top system at this event before it headed off to its new home at UCL School of Pharmacy.


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