Bioinicia to attend the Electrospin Conference 2018

Bioinicia to attend the Electrospin Conference 2018

Electrospin Conference 2018

Bioinicia will be attending the Electrospin Conference 2018 which will be taking place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in January 2018.

The Electrospin conferences are the meeting point for all people involved or interested in electrospinning-electrospraying technologies. Researchers and engineers from academia but also from industrial companies are joining this event, with the aim of keeping up to date of the latest advances in electrospinning as well as exchanging ideas and knowledge.

There are different topics to be discussed at the Electrospin Conference 2018 such as biomaterials and applications in tissue engineering, filtration and textiles, green materials, material development, energy harvesting or nanocomposite nanofibers, among other topics.

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