Bioinicia expands its electrospinning equipment into the US

Nov 6, 2017

Bioinicia expands its Fluidnatek® electrospinning / electrospraying equipment into the US, partnering with Nanoscience Instruments


Bioinicia is proud to introNanoscience logoduce its partner for the US market, Nanoscience Instruments.

Nanoscience Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory instrumentation for microscopy and surface science investigations in North America.  Nanoscience Instruments provides equipment for imaging and characterization of nanoscaledmaterials. The addition of Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® range of premium electrospraying/ electrospinning equipment, expands Nanoscience Instruments existing portfolio with nanofiber and nanoparticle production equipment.

Nanoscience’s team has been trained to provide support and installation of Bioinicia’s electrospinning equipment in the USA. Includingcustomer training, application advice, technical assistance, maintenance, and other after-sales services.

Fluidnatek® electrospinning / electrospraying equipment range from bench-top laboratory apparatus to pilot-scale production, and even to industrial-scale electrospinning plants. These industrial-scale plants can be custom-designed to particular applications and requirements. All Fluidnatek® lab equipment is functionally identical. Receipes and processes developed on the research scaled model are seamlessly scaled up to Fluidnatek® pilot-scale equipment and production-scale.

Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment utilize electro-hydrodynamic (EHD) processes to manufacture micro and nanostructured materials. The applications are wide-ranging and include: tissue engineering scaffolds, regenerative medicine implants, controlled drug-delivery platforms for pharmaceuticals, active release platforms for cosmetics, encapsulation of functional ingredients, smart coatings for food packaging, air or liquid separation membranes and many more.


About the Technology

At the core of Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® equipment line is the eStretching EHD technology, a proprietary multifunctional mono- and multi-axial electrospinning and electrospraying process. Based on the principles of electrospinning and electrospraying, eStretching combines a unique emitter design and controlled fluid delivery systems to yield stable and reproducible size-controlled fiber and particle fabrication. This novel process overcomes the typical hurdles that have limited the scale-up and industrial adoption of electrospinning in the past.

Fluidnatek® equipment allows for tight process control with the use of advanced environmental control systems that maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions. These controlled parameters yield consistent fibers and particles with controlled morphologies. All of the equipment has been designed with the unique requirements of pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food manufacturing in mind and can be qualified for use in ISO and GMP certified processes.

About the Bioinicia-Nanoscience Instruments partnership

“This is a strategic partnership for Bioinicia. We have already supplied some electrospinning machines to US customers in the past. Having a partner like Nanoscience Instruments gives us a larger distribution channel in the USA and provides our current and future customers in this important market with an easily accessible team of qualified engineers to provide support.”, says Lars Markwort, Bioinicia co-founder and Business Development Manager.

“The applications and research being carried out with the Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment are truly remarkable,” says Sebastian Kossek, co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments.

“Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment is top-of-the-line, and aligns with the other products offered by Nanoscience Instruments. We focus on supplying the best quality and highest performance instrumentation available that is easy to use and adaptable for research.  Bioinicia’s Engineering Department is extremely flexible and is able to adapt the equipment to particular customer requirements”, says Mark Flowers, co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments.

With this partnership, Bioinicia and Nanoscience Instruments aim to offer customers unbeatable value in equipment and services for electrospinning and electrospraying production.

For more information on Nanoscience Instruments visit:

About Bioinicia

Bioinicia is a company with R&D and production expertise in both electrospinning and electrospraying processes. Scientists, engineers, project managers and manufacturing operators all working towards a common goal: to support our partners at all stages of their development.

We have a wide range of experience in developing micro or nanofiber-based membranes and coatings (electrospinning), and in encapsulation of functional ingredients, bioactives, natural extracts and biological materials (electrospraying).


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