Bioinicia expanding in Mexico and Canada

Dic 11, 2017

Bioinicia expanding in Mexico and Canada with Intercovamex & Innovatorr

Bioinicia, through its distributor in Mexico, Intercovamex, has been supplying Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment to customers in Mexico.

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Intercovamex is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory equipment and instrumentation in Mexico, employing more than 50 people in its offices located in Cuernavaca (headquarters) and Monterrey. Intercovamex is an experienced manufacturer of industrial vacuum equipment as well as a provider of R&D and characterization apparatus, including thin layer coating systems, microscopes, surface analyzers, spectrometers, etc.

By partnering with Bioinicia, Intercovamex entered the field of manufacturing nano- and micro-structured materials. Bioinicia’s range of Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment allows users to run both electrospinning and electrospraying processes, to create micro- or nano- fibers and particles, respectively. The areas of application for such materials are highly diverse: from nanofiber-based mats or membranes for drug delivery, regenerative medicine (wound dressings, tissue engineering scaffolds, implants, coatings etc.), air and liquid filtration, functional food packaging, energy storage and generation, to microencapsulation of bioactives, biological materials and food ingredients for applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food, among others.

The Fluidnatek® product-line includes equipment ranging from basic electrospinning benchtop lab machines, ideal for proof-of-concept and feasibility studies, to high-throughput pilot-scale plants, designed for producing larger batches at industrial stage, as well as intermediate options that provide for all levels of electrospinning R&D. Crucially, the Fluidnatek® product line also includes advanced climate conditioning systems to control temperature and humidity within the spinning chamber – an essential feature for achieving product consistency.

In the three years of collaboration between Bioinicia and Intercovamex, several machines have been supplied to universities and research centers across Mexico, including both small-scale bench-top equipment and advanced R&D electrospinning systems. More recently, Bioinicia has extended this partnership to include Intercovamex sister company in Canada, Innovatorr. Fluidnatek® customers in Canada are receiving the same high level of service and local support as has come to be expected from Bioinicia and Intercovamex in Mexico.

Having experienced sales and technical teams in Mexico and Canada, Intercovamex and Innovatorr are able to offer their customers support with applications, electrospinning equipment specifications (most suitable machine configuration, etc), installation, training, technical assistance and after-sales services.

About the partnership of Bioinicia with Intercovamex & Innovatorr

“Mexico and Canada are amongst the most active markets for Bioinicia’s equipment in North America. To have experienced partners like Intercovamex and Innovatorr is essential for succeeding in those markets; it’s not only about offering the best electrospinning equipment available, but also about providing the highest level of service to our customers. We can do that in Mexico and Canada thanks to Intercovamex and Innovatorr”, says Enrique Navarro, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bioinicia.

“Working with a world-leading company in the field of electrospinning technology, as Bioinicia is, is very important for us because it means that we can offer our customers more than just premium-quality laboratory equipment. Bioinicia’s experience with scaling up the electrospinning process and ability to offer industrial manufacturing services is exciting to our customers, who’s novel developments no longer need to remain in the lab. This gives us a clear differentiation and our customers a new horizon for their applications…”, says Francisco Rodríguez, Managing Director at Intercovamex.

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About Bioinicia

Bioinicia is a company with R&D and production expertise in both electrospinning and electrospraying processes. Scientists, engineers, project managers and manufacturing operators all working towards a common goal: to support our partners at all stages of their development.

We have a wide range of experience in developing micro or nanofiber-based membranes and coatings (electrospinning), and in encapsulation of functional ingredients, bioactives, natural extracts and biological materials (electrospraying).

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