Electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research

Ene 5, 2018

Electrospinning is a simple and scalable technique for creating nanofiber or microfiber based materials. Many years of research by groups around the world have identified numerous applications where electrospinning provides processing and performance benefits and enables new technological advancements, owing in many cases to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Electrospinning is a room temperature process. This means that by using electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research you will be able to process a wide variety of materials, including those that are thermally sensitive and would otherwise be rapidly degraded during conventional, high-temperature, fiber fabrication techniques.

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  • Fiber size can be tightly controlled in the sub-micron range. By accurately controlling process parameters, including environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity), fiber diameter and uniformity can be controlled. Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® range of premium quality electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research has been designed for ultimate process control and is manufactured using top-quality, industrial-grade components to ensure process stability and reliability.


  • Porosity of the resulting fiber mats can also be controlled, by either controlling fiber diameter and deposition thickness, or by introducing additional sacrificial components (soluble fibers or particles) by simultaneous spinning or spraying of two or more materials. Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment for nanofibre based research can be tailored to your specific requirements from a wide range of optional features or individually customized by our team of highly experienced engineers.
  • Complex structures such as core-shell fibres can be fabricated in a single step by electrospinning. Coaxial spinning heads with flexibility over capillary sizes allows for a variety of multi-component fibres to be created. Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research can be equipped with single or multi-needle coaxial spinning heads and Bioinicia’s development team can provide fiber development services to support your research or scale-up needs.
  • Electrospinning is a continuous, scalable process. Bioinicia have developed in-house industrial-scale electrospinning facilities, certified for GMP and ISO13485 manufacturing of pharmaceutical and biomedical products, and its Fluidnatek® range of electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research takes advantage of all of Bioinicia’s expertise in the field to ensure that your laboratory developments can be translated to commercially relevant scale and your ambitions can be realized beyond the laboratory.

There are further points corroborating why electrospinning equipment for nanofiber based research is “a must” at lab today (wide range of materials which can be processed, flexibility and stability of process, the different arrangements which can be configured within the experimental chamber…), but the reasons listed above should be enough.

If you would like to find out how Bioinicia’s Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment and support services can advance your research and development activities, contact us here to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced team members.

Bioinicia: your partner for all of your electrospinning-electrospraying needs.

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