Electrospinning device for medical applications

Mar 20, 2018

Electrospinning is a process for the creation of nano and micro scale fibers, used for wide variety of applications. In this previous post, we explained some of the reasons to consider using electrospinning in your nanofiber-based research. Some of the most promising areas of application for electrospinning are in the biomedical field, including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM), wound healing, implant coatings, drug delivery, and biosensing, amongst others. Bioinicia have recently developed a highly specialized electrospinning device for medical applications which has several specific features focused towards the development and manufacture of electrospun pharmaceutical and biomedical products and can be qualified for GMP and ISO13485 manufacturing. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about this exciting new platform.

In the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, electrospinning devices for medical applications are used to fabricate materials and structures that closely mimic the native extra cellular matrix within our tissues (bone, skin, tendon, blood vessels cartilage etc…) in order to provide optimum conditions for the re-growth of cells and repair of damaged tissues. Electrospinning enables the use of a wide variety of materials, allowing the properties of the scaffold material to be tailored to the requirements of a particular application e.g. different bioresorption periods, bioactivity, mechanical properties, surface chemistry etc. It also allows for control over fibre diameter, pore size, and fibre alignment, enabling the structural design of the scaffold to suit the tissue of interest. These biomimetic structures are also relevant for us as scaffolds in vitro cell culture, particularly in the field of new drug discovery and testing, because the cells grown on such structures show more natural behaviour compared with cells grown on conventional 2D tissue culture plastic, and therefore provide more representative results.

Electrospinning devices for medical applications are also widely used in the development of wound care products. The high degree of porosity, small pore sizes and large surface area of electrospun mats make them ideal for use in wound dressings, where they provide effective protection against bacterial infection of the wound surface whilst allowing the exchange of wound fluids and gasses through the dressing. The excellent conformability of electrospun mats to the wound surface and high surface area also mean that they can provide highly efficient and effective delivery platforms for bioactive ingredients such as antimicrobials to fight off infections and improve wound healing.

In addition, electrospinning devices for medical applications can be used in the development of  new drug delivery systems. Active pharmaceutical ingredients can be incorporated into electrospun materials by either blending into a solution of the encapsulating polymer, or by coaxial electrospinning to create core-shell structures. The release profile of a drug into the body can be designed and controlled by careful selection of the fiber composition and control of its size, morphology and structure. Electrospinning enables a range of release profiles, from burst release to sustained release and even allows for the triggered release of a drug in response to an external stimulus e.g. pH, temperature, ultrasonic etc. The encapsulation of bioactives and/or pharmaceutical ingredients by electrospinning can also provide protection against their degradation or interaction with their environment e.g. in the case of an implant, ensuring that it remains active for its intended life.

Smart coatings on medical devices such as stents, heart valves, bone implants etc., are also fields where electrospinning devices for medical applications are providing great benefits compared with other, conventional, coating techniques.

To sum up, electrospinning devices for medical applications provide an ideal tool for the development of a wide range of biomedical innovations and are showing great promise in enabling new and exciting products for the treatment of disease and injury. Our FLUIDNATEK® devices are suitable to develop these medical applications through the electrospinning technique.

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