Electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication

Abr 16, 2018

Electrospinning is a voltage-driven process for the fabrication of nano and micro scale fibers. This technology is increasingly gaining importance in various industrial applications, where it enables higher end-product performance over conventional fibre production methods, such as wet spinning and melt spinning, due to the benefits that electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication technique provide.

The electrospinning process, in its most simple form, involves the application of high voltage to a spinneret through which a polymer solution is supplied, thereby creating an electrostatic field between the spinneret and a grounded or negatively charged collector positioned opposite. Electrostatic repulsion results in a jet of the polymer solution being formed from the spinneret. This charged solution jet undergoes a whipping and stretching motion as a result of interactions with the electrostatic field, until all of the solvent is evaporated and the dry fiber is deposited onto the collector. Application of a negative high voltage to the collector increases the overall electrostatic field strength and improves collection efficiency. Fiber diameter and morphology, and structure of the resulting non-woven mat can be controlled by modifying the solution, process and environmental parameters in order to produce a material with the desired properties.

electrospinning-process-bioiniciaSource: Ning Zhu, Xiongbiao Chen,”Biofabrication of Tissue Scaffolds», in book entitled,”Advances in Biomaterials Science and Biomadical Applications»


The main characteristics of the electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication process are:

  • Electrospinning is a room-temperature process, so avoids degradation of thermally sensitive materials, such as biopolymers, proteins and many active ingredients.
  • Sub-micron fiber diameters can be easily achieved.
  • Fiber diameter and uniformity can be tightly controlled.
  • Porosity of the fiber mats can be controlled according to the product requirements.
  • Repeatability and product consistency can be achieved by the use of electrospinning equipment with climate-control for maintaining optimum temperature and relative humidity conditions during the process.
  • With the appropriate electrospinning equipment, the process is scalable and continuous.

Electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication can be used for a wide variety of different applications in many fields, including wound healing, cell and tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery, air and liquid filtration, energy generation and storage, functional packaging, composites reinforcement etc. and researchers are continuously advancing the science to develop new applications for electrospun fiber. Some of which are described in this previous post.

For these purposes, Bioinicia has a wide range of electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication activities from lab-scale proof-of-concept studies and materials development to pre-industrial manufacture. The Fluidnatek® equipment portfolio includes the following models and features:

  • FLUIDNATEK® LE-10 is an ideal machine for proof-of concept and feasibility studies. Its wide range of capabilities allows the customers to efficiently prototype and optimize their concepts.
  • FLUIDNATEK® LE-50 is suitable for lab-scale proof-of-concept and feasibility studies as well as for more advanced product development activities. One of the main features is the compatibility with an AC unit that allows the control of temperature and relative It can also be configured with two independent spinning stages for simultaneous spinning or spraying of two materials.
  • FLUIDNATEK® LE-100 is an advanced R&D device that enables more complex configurations and customized features, tight process control and larger samples sizes. It is also compatible with climate control to ensure optimal and reproducible processing conditions.
  • FLUIDNATEK® LE-500 is a high-throughput manufacturing machine for product development and scale-up activities. Equipped with multi-needle spinning heads (up to 96 emitters), large volume solution reservoirs (up to 4L) and a roll-to-roll collector, it is capable of producing larger volumes of production-quality nanofibers and nanoparticles.

These devices can be customized by Bioinicia in order to fit your specific user requirements. It is important to carefully consider the requirements of your project in order to specify the most appropriate machine configuration, as explained in this post. Our experienced team are available to assist you!

Bioinicia has developed in-house industrial-scale electrospinning facilities, which are GMP and ISO 13485 certified for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biomedical electrospun products. The Fluidnatek® range of electrospinning equipment for fiber fabrication benefits from Bioinicia’s expertise in the electrospinning processes to ensure that your laboratory developments can be translated to commercially relevant scale.


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